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Leaders Are Born, LLC, is an innovative venture network of social entrepreneurs and professionals dedicated to incubating & advocating towards progressive initiatives and organizations.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

~ Abraham Lincoln  | Leader

What we do

Educate Members

Leaders Are Born, LLC DBA kidlightenment was founded to disrupt the conventional entrepreneurial incubator space - empowering entrepreneurs with the tangible resources, mentorship and training working on real world projects while they earn residuals and internship credits for school.

Through our exclusive e-book "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Franchising Success", LAB.co Directorships allow certified and licensed professionals to quickly and effectively, interview, mentor and staff student entrepreneurs to help raise awareness and support for innovative world changing ideas.

Innovate Communities

Starting in New York and having expanded nationally with corporate partnerships, our community of local business owners and professionals utilize our exclusive resources and content to mentor entrepreneurs exploring opportunities for growth. 

Our commitment is to provide unbiased access to progressive opportunities to all aspiring professionals. Our members find synergy in our mission to  empower communities with financial literacy through engaging in #Common_Cents™ conversations. 

Share #Common_Cents™

Dedicated to entrepreneurship, our #Common_Cents events empower students, professionals and industry executives alike with actionable information to help expand progressive ideas into profitable companies.

Join our exclusive financial literacy WebTalk to uplift your network and connect to leaders in your community.

"If you're not prepared to talk about your #BusinessPlan, you don't have one." ~NLR Jr

Some say most companies fail because they are undercapitalized.  Facts are, most companies fail because they aren't selling their products at high enough margins to remain profitable. Selling impacts everyone, regardless of; position, location, age, etc. How selling rewards you; money, promotions, people liking you, people working with you, people wanting to please you, are just some of the immediate benefits of selling well.  Selling is what keeps every company in business. This holds true for non-for profit & humanitarian aid organizations as well. 

"We provide our members exclusive, time-trusted resources to mine their business through emboldening first impressions and monetizing more conversations. " ~NLR Jr | LAB.co Founder

Simply put, our network offers student entrepreneurs and industry professionals actionable industry intelligence and an administrative infrastructure to better deliver a progressive sales message to a more qualified audience. LAB.co Directors are rewarded locally and worldwide for earning commissions and credits for sponsoring events dedicated to something they are passionate about. Through this network our members and clients accomplish (3) universal objectives; acquire new contacts, retain existing contacts and earn passively through the exchange of ideas. 

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Leaders are Born. Legends are Made.™

“ Truth is the easiest thing to sell. " ~ Daymond John | Entrepreneur

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