Legends are made ™

Legends are made ™

Legends are made ™Legends are made ™

65 Business Day Executive Apprenticeship Program

Level Objective - to curate a team of student professionals to advocate for financial literacy by sharing the message of #Common_Cents™ throughout their local community. 

Mentor (up to 2) students per week through their weekly campaign efforts to enroll sponsors and collect business cards from the professionals in their community.  Armed with your business card, our students meet, greet and endorse the "major-related" products  & services of their mentors to engage in real-world conversations and experiences within their field of study.

Your responsibilities include; 

Host one-to-one virtual and/or on-site meetings for up to (1) hour per student

Approval of (up to (10) hours) of student "major-related" activities; campaign shifts, workshops, events

Weekly Mentorship Hours are qualified as follows:

up to (5) hours – engage pilots in #Common_Cents™ Community Campaigns.

Raise $5,000 USD within (30) business days of mission launch and receive 100% registration refund.

65 Business Day Professional Mentorship Program

65 Day Leadership Requirement:

Attend at a minimum of three (3) #Common_Cents Community Engagement Events +

Mentor up to (2) "Pilots" through #Common_Cents Community Campaigns +

Raise minimum of $6000 USD through #Common_Cents conversations


Additional benefits include;

LAB.co Board of Directors Mentor Certified +

Receive exclusive "Speaker & Vendor" invites to #Common_Cents™ Shows and Events +

Earn up to $125 per week reimbursement for "V-Lodge" facility / vehicle use

Earn up to 15% in Leadership Royalties for up to (3) months at campaign completion.

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"Listen to learn. Apply to earn." 

Leaders are Born. Legends are Made.™