65 Business Day Executive Training Program

Level Objective - Direct community attention to #Common_Cents campaign domains and events. Promote books, pens and readership in general while attending webinars, events and promotional campaigns directed by senior agents. This may include; concerts, sporting events, trade shows, nightclubs, grocery stores or even a city or town's main streets. *All Directors must complete #Common_Cents™ Orientation to be eligible for in-network hourly rates.

Training hours are scheduled as follows: 

*see New Agent Training Request Form

(12) hours – work (3) campaign shifts

(1) hour – attend 4, 15 minute team web-meetings

(1) hour – “check-in” to a physical fitness facility and try a workout

(1) hour – attend #Common_Cents Leadership Launch Webinar

Apply today and get complimentary MEMBERS ONLY ACCESS to "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Franchising Success"  for 10-business days. "Read it to learn - apply it to earn." 

Leaders are Born. Legends are Made.™