Legends are made ™

Legends are made ™

Legends are made ™Legends are made ™

65 Business Day Executive Mentorship Program

Level Objective - utilize access to our in-network demographic of industry professionals to host exclusive #Common_Cents™ Weekly Leadership Webinars and Quarterly Fundraising Events. If you have an "active" EIN, isolated your target market and have a fully cultivated business message - our #Common_Cents Internship Program can provide an accredited pathway to secure qualified talent for your business.

Your responsibilities include; overall scheduling and direct mentorship of Lodge's Chapters and Pilots.

Weekly Mentorship Hours are qualified as follows:

up to (5) hours – engage Junior & Senior Directors in #Common_Cents™ Community Campaigns.

Raise $10,000 USD within (45) business days of mission launch & receive 100% registration refund. 

*Active registered EIN required to qualify.

Host one (1) #Common_Cents Community Engagement Event +

Speak at a minimum of  three (3) #Common_Cents WebTalk Events +

 Raise minimum of $15,000 USD through #Common_Cents Canvass Campaign.

Additional benefits include;

LAB.co Executive Council Mentor Certified +

Qualify to host weekly #Common_Cents™ Community Campaigns +

Qualify to host (1) #Common_Cents™  Activation Event (max 25 guests each) +

Earn up to $250 per week reimbursement for "V-Lodge" facility / vehicle use +

Earn up to 25% in Leadership Royalties for up to (3) months 

LAB.co Leadership Royalty: 10% of all in-network revenues are to be paid to LAB.co “the company” in monthly installments in accordance with the Company's usual payroll practices.

The Company unconditionally reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of its Compensation Plan and any components thereof at any time.- *see Executive Upgrades.

#LeadersAreBorn. #LegendsAreMade. #Common_Cents™