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" ​The best way to predict the future is to create it. " 

~ Abraham Lincoln  | President

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Leaders Are Born, LLC™ or™  is an innovative entrepreneurs network that connects student leaders with qualified mentors within their industry.

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Our community of business owners and professionals utilize our exclusive resources and content to mentor students exploring opportunities for growth and identify the strengths that place them in the best position to advance in their career.

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Attend or sponsor one of our exclusive #Common_Cents™ community uplifting events to connect to leaders in your community.

"If you're not prepared to talk about your business - you don't have one." ~NLR Jr

Some say most companies fail because they are undercapitalized.  Facts are, most companies fail because they aren't selling their products at high enough margins to remain profitable. Selling impacts everyone, regardless of; position, location, age, etc. How selling rewards you; money, promotions, people liking you, people working with you, people wanting to please you, are just some of the immediate benefits of selling well.  Selling is what keeps every company in business. This holds true for non-for profit & humanitarian aid organizations as well. 

Simply put, our network offers student entrepreneurs and industry professionals quantifiable "word of mouth" exposure by delivering a progressive sales message to a much more qualified audience, with a cost-effective, turn-key solution. Directors are rewarded locally and worldwide for earning commissions and credits for sponsoring events dedicated to something they are passionate about. That's it. Through this network our members and clients accomplish (3) universal objectives; acquire new customers, retain existing customers and gain additional spending from current customers. Regardless of the industry, every business shares these goals and helps you get there - one event at a time. It’s part of the reason we are one of the fastest growing communities!​​​​

“ Truth is the easiest thing to sell. " ~ Daymond John | Entrepreneur

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