Legends are made ™

Legends are made ™

Legends are made ™Legends are made ™Legends are made ™

Leaders Are Born, LLC, "LABco", is an innovative venture network of social entrepreneurs and professionals dedicated to incubating & advocating towards progressive initiatives and organizations.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

~ Abraham Lincoln  | Leader

What we do


"We provide our members exclusive, time-trusted resources to mine their business through emboldening first impressions and monetizing more conversations. " ~NLR Jr | LAB.co Founder

Here at "LABco" we believe genius is born undefined and everyone is destined to define their own limits. Our effort is to ensure our member Directors accomplish (3) universal objectives; acquire new contacts, retain existing contacts and earn passively through the exchange of their ideas. 

Simply put, our network offers student entrepreneurs and industry professionals actionable industry intelligence and an administrative infrastructure to better deliver a progressive sales message to a more qualified audience. 

Leaders are Born. Legends are Made.™

“ Truth is the easiest thing to sell. " ~ Daymond John | Entrepreneur

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