Legends are made ™

Follow the steps below to complete your application and schedule your interview.

​​​​​​To best understand an applicant's ability to connect with potential member clients, we ask every applicant to provide us with a "Test Pitch" for our Directors' to review.

To complete your application;  Read below first. Confirm your "the organization" you are requesting sponsorship. Then leave a voicemail reading the lines you've reviewed.


DIAL: 212 - 245 - 3204 / EXT: 420 and start at the beep..

Hi, my name is [say your full name], and to the credit of [name of referral source], I am inquiring about a Directorship opportunity with...  

[say sponsor company name]

Leaders Are Born, LLC or “LAB.co” is an innovative mentorship network dedicated to connecting student entrepreneurs with industry professionals. Through “The kidlightenment Project” we advocate specialty books, pens and memberships to access weekly #Common_Cents™ content committed to bestowing financial literacy to every community.

Innovatorslist.com is the exclusive network of business owners and professionals that inspire and sponsor that cause.  

Why am I reading this? Membership offers a leadership support system that allows both students and mentors to effectively isolate and track their most profitable conversations. That said, I am interested in learning more than just "how to start" a business. I'd like to learn more about "how to retire" from doing what I love. 

Again, my name is [say your full name], I can be reached at [say your phone number] and I thank you for your time and consideration.

Hang up.