Legends are made ™

Follow the steps below to complete your application and schedule your interview.

​​​​​​To best understand an applicant's ability to connect with potential member clients, we ask every applicant to provide us with a "Test Pitch" for our Directors' to review.

To complete your application;  Read below first. Confirm your "the organization" you are requesting sponsorship. Then leave a voicemail reading the lines you've reviewed.


DIAL: 212 - 245 - 3204 / EXT: 420 and start at the beep..

Hi, my name is [say your full name], and to the credit of [name of referral source], I am inquiring about a Directorship opportunity with...  

[say sponsor company name]

Leaders Are Born, LLC is an innovative mentorship network dedicated to connecting student entrepreneurs with industry professionals. Through “ kidlightenment ” we advocate weekly #Common_Cents™ content committed to bestowing financial literacy to every community.

Innovatorslist.com is the exclusive network of business owners and professionals that inspire and sponsor that cause.  

Why am I reading this? Because acceptance into this program offers a leadership support system that empowers both students and mentors with innovative resources towards achieving generational wealth. I'd love to learn more about that. 

Again, my name is [say your full name], I can be reached at [say your phone number] and I thank you for your time and consideration.

Hang up and end call.