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In New York City to earn $250 per week part-time you can either engage in retail for 20+ hours or you can engage in a conversation and earn it in 2 minutes or less. Your time is your business – if you’re free, then how you spend it is always up to you. In order to net $100,000 per year in this platinum plated city, you must gross $175,000 first to cover your W2 taxes unless you’re a 1099 contractor and have an accountant to reduce that burden. If your experience, skill level, and resume lack the words to engage in conversations at any of these levels, you should be probably think twice about a pair of $250 after tax shoes, unless of course your plan is to sell it for more.  #Common_Cents™

Here at Leaders Are Born both businesses and professionals can mentor a team of eager to earn students through our exclusive 65 Business Day Executive Training Program. Per quarter, Executive Directors can raise $25,000 or more for their organization for part-time commitments ranging from 2 – 5+ virtual mentorship hours per week. 

Individual Weekly Earning Potential 

Student earns $250+, Mentoring Director earns $250+ 

Team Weekly Earning Potential 

10 students earn $250, Mentoring Director(s) earns $25,000+ 

You want to build a team that is committed to learning and earning? It is far easier to recruit others willing to work if they can bear witness to the fruits of their potential labor first. What does that mean? You have to be a boss before you can be a leader. The details are highlighted in our exclusive daily leadership instruction manual that serves as the 13-week, step-by-step curriculum for all students and mentors that are accepted and enter the Society. Within this 90 day experience students are connected with “major” specific professionals that aid “Lodge Captains” in directing students through various executive levels (CEO, CFO< CTO<CMO, etc) and job responsibilities.   

With assistance and oversight from participating institution Professors, the quarterly mission is to provide a profit-centric internship mentoring future professionals on how to run a successful campaign, fundraiser and/or networking event. Sales 100. Being an “active” agent in our network simply means you are earning enough to cover your campaign weekly operating expenses... $3, $6, or $9 per week.

“If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe.” ~Nikola Tesla

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Receive one (1) #Common_Cents™ Support Kit + "Leader" benefits

*Test Flight Guarantee: Don't earn minimum of $250 USD within 30 business days of access granted and receive 100% refund of test flight registration on business day 31.



@ $99 USD "Pilot" Registration + $12/mo includes;

*Test flight: Earn $100 USD in (1) shift during (15) hour training & receive 100% registration refund.  

Receive (1) #Common_Cents™ Book Bundle & Society benefits +

Flexible part to full-time earning opportunities.

Exclusive Email with Director access to "The Entrepreneurs's Guide to Franchising Success"

· Qualify for exclusive In-network opportunities and events +

· Earn Network Referrals



@ $500 USD "Chapter" Registration + $24/mo includes;

*Test flight: Earn $500 USD within 15 business days of your launch date  & receive 100% registration refund. 

Receive (3) #Common_Cents™ Book Bundles & "Chapter" level benefits + Virtual Office with Business Phone line +

Board of Directors qualified and up to $250 per month reimbursement for "V-Lodge" facility / vehicle use.

· Earn Network Commissions


Executive Opportunities

@ $1000 USD "Lodge" Registration + $36/mo includes;

**Test flight: Raise $1,000 USD in 30 business days & receive 100% registration refund.

Receive (6) #Common_Cents™ Book Bundles & "Lodge" level benefits + Exclusive Campaign and up to $250 per week reimbursement for "V-Lodge" facility / vehicle use.

· Engraved Campaign Support Pen

· Earn Network Residuals


Executive Upgrades

Ready to sponsor an event?

"Lodge" level benefits +

· Exclusive Event for up to 250 Guests  

Silver Lodge Captain: 

Pay or Raise $3,000 USD to receive Silver Lodge benefits and up to $500 per month reimbursement for "V-Lodge" facility / vehicle use.

Gold Lodge Captain: 

Pay or Raise $6,000 USD to receive Gold Lodge benefits and up to $750 per month reimbursement for "V-Lodge" facility / vehicle use.

Star Lodge Captain: 

Pay or Raise $9,000 USD to receive Star Lodge benefits and up to $1,000 per month reimbursement for "V-Lodge" facility / vehicle use.


Leaders Are Born, LLC host exclusive business forums which buyers and sellers to generate new business , learn from each other and network. These forums operate across a range of sectors and address strategic issues in a professional and business-like environment. 

Leaders Are Born, LLC provides equal opportunities (EEO) to all members and attendees without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, amnesty, or status as a covered veteran in accordance with applicable federal state and local laws. This policy complies with applicable state and federal laws governing non-discrimination in employment in every location in which the company holds facilities and events.